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Exit Drop at Launch

I can finally cross the Exit Drop off of my huckit list

It was exactly what I expected… nothing.

The 8′ tall ladder with about 10′ of gap has been bugging me (along with everyone I ride with) to do it since it was constructed months ago.

Just like everyone said: “It’s nothing”. The back-wheel landing was nice and cushy. I slightly cased the second time but not enough to get that near-death experience.

First ride of ’09

I haven’t ridden in Wissahickon for a few years, but my friends Chad and Rob have been hyping these trails for a couple of weeks.

The sections that we rode were chock full of  jumps, drops, long log rides and berms. A playground for peddlers, the “BMX bowl,” has a drop into, and launches out of it, and a bunch of doubles, log jumps and giant tabletop.

I now have some new New Year’s resolutions…

  • Do the drop into the bowl
  • Jump the big gap that Rob did
  • Get in better shape and keep up with PMBA guys who built the trails