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First ride of ’09

I haven’t ridden in Wissahickon for a few years, but my friends Chad and Rob have been hyping these trails for a couple of weeks.

The sections that we rode were chock full of  jumps, drops, long log rides and berms. A playground for peddlers, the “BMX bowl,” has a drop into, and launches out of it, and a bunch of doubles, log jumps and giant tabletop.

I now have some new New Year’s resolutions…

  • Do the drop into the bowl
  • Jump the big gap that Rob did
  • Get in better shape and keep up with PMBA guys who built the trails

26 degrees of desparation

Night ride on the Perki Trail

Yesterday it rained, snowed, and sleeted so everything is encased in a thin layer of frozen slush. The next couple of days are supposed to bring more of the same so I figured that I’d get in some form of riding.

It was 26º F and pitch black out, but my new lights and multiple layers of lycra, thermal underwear, and Gore Tex, were doing the job. I only did 10 miles on gravel path but it was worth the potential frost bite to get out on the bike.

A fox ran across the path about 10 yards in front of me. There was also a pack of giant Yeti running through the woods. It could have been that the frozen leaves made some deer sound really big, but when you’re riding alone in the woods at night they might as well have been giant Yeti. Besides, my bike lights caught their beady eyes peering from the trees. They were Yeti – and not the cool blue kind from Colorado.