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There’s no climbing in Blue Marsh

Tent caterpillars. Yiiiccchh.

I wanted to do a nice, relaxing mountain bike ride. Something with more miles, less technical stuff, and no climbing.

I decided to try Blue Marsh Lake, in Leesport, Pa. I haven’t been there for a few years and I seem to remember that there’s no climbing in Blue Marsh.

I was wrong. There ARE hills in Blue Marsh but they were just what I was looking for. Some long, steady grinders on old access roads, and some short steepies – but all were rideable. The trails were dry and not too rocky or rooty. Just sit and spin and avoid the horse poop.

I did a little over 9 miles, then decided to head back for a total of 18 and 1/2 miles. I’ll do the entire 30 mile loop around the lake when I have more time. And energy. And fitness.


It was a good day of riding and I learned a few things that day…

  • September 1st is the first day of dove season – which is why there were guys in full-camo with shotguns on the trail.
  • Entire sections of forest can be eaten bare by tent caterpillars.
  • Tent caterpillars skeeve me out.
  • There are big ‘ol fish with big fat fish lips along the edge of the lake. They don’t seem to like Fig Newtons, but are curious about hockers.
  • I observed some interesting interpersonal dynamics in the parking lot as two separate couples finished up their day’s activities.
    • One couple was a pair of hikers. I heard the man yelling at the woman, “THAT’S IT. I’M DONE. This relationship isn’t going anywhere!” The woman just laughed at him dismissively.
    • The second couple were two mountain bikers. I saw and heard them earlier on the trail whooping and “Yeah!-ing.” As they loaded their bikes on their car’s roof, I again heard the girl let out a “Whew!” and the guy agreeably say “Yea. Awesome ride.”
      • I think this sample population provides statistically significant proof that couples that ride bikes are happy and have good relationships; and people who don’t ride are miserable.