Cave men

Man vs. wild – Warren didn’t have any Clif Bars so he had to settle for a centipede

Warren and I went for a ride at Bear Creek. They do a lot of work building and maintaining mountain bike trails there, so if you get the chance, check it out. Be sure to pick up the free trail pass from the hotel.

The climbing was especially strenuous for some reason. It must have been our fast-paced hammering up the technical rocky, rooty, steep single track. Or we’re out of shape.

Toward the end of the ride we were heading back to the parking lot and took a trail that I haven’t taken before. A few inches off of the trail we noticed some caves. Knowing how great SPD shoes are for spelunking, we started to explore.

One cave only went about 30 feet down, and 50 feet deep. It was about 30 degrees colder inside. There was a log lodged near the ceiling where small, bioluminescent squirmle-like creatures were hanging.

The other cave was probably about 75-80 feet down from the top. It was too dark and far to see, but when we tossed some rocks, it sounded like there was a deep pool of water at the bottom. We were surprised that there weren’t any barriers or signs around the caves (yet). On the trails, there are 8 1/2″ x 11,” neon green, laminated signs warning of bridges – probably the flatest, grippiest, safest surfaces on the mountain – but nothing around these 80+ feet deep, loose-rocked, squirmle-filled, pits next to the trail.

It was a great day of riding and cave exploration.