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Big-Oil Spindependence

I rode my bike to work today in observance of National Bike To Work Week. The 26 mile round trip gave me the chance to tell Big Oil that I’m not their biatch (today). The ride also gave me a chance to make some observations…

Big climb on Rt. 63, Green Lane, Pa.
  • People in cars are very courteous and respectful of cyclists on the morning commute. I experienced more aggression from the groundhog that almost bit my tire than I did from any drivers.
  • People in cars are very discourteous and disrespectful toward cyclists on their evening commute.
  • Dump trucks suck.
  • Pre-ride preparation makes all the difference. Bringing a change of clothing, packing a lunch, and making sure the bike is ready to go the day before the ride is a smart idea. Maybe next time I’ll remember to do that.
  • A half dozen road riders passed me, and let me draft for a few miles before turning off. It was a six pack even Ian MacKaye could love.