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So… it’s been almost a year since the last post.

I’ve been sort of busy…

  • clinging to my current, full-time job
  • getting a second, part-time job
  • putting a house on the market
  • packing and staging the house
  • selling the house
  • buying a house
  • breaking my leg in 2 places
  • surviving a merger
  • moving
  • working on the new house
  • granting Michele the lifestyle she has become accustomed to
  • granting Baxter a better lifestyle than Michele or I could ever become accustomed to
  • doing 3 months worth of physical therapy
  • attending night courses for a job-related certification
  • passing the certification
  • rescuing dumpster bikes
  • investing in a downhill bike
  • healing
  • napping
  • riding


My most memorable experiences; the people I’ve met, places I’ve traveled, jobs, friends, etc., my favorite memories have been connected to bike riding.

I’ve met a lot of people, but it seems that there’s usually a “click” when I find out somebody is a biker.

Me and Gabby hanging at the Gravity Games (I’m on the right)

Thanks to riding I’ve been lucky, and have had opportunities that I’m sure would never have happened in other sports. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have hung out with Gabby Reese if I was, say, going to wrestling practice every day when I was younger. I know I would never have been close enough to see the veins on Telly Savalas’s head if I joined the chess club in high school.
Even though I enjoy “non-bike” stuff, and hang out with “non-bike” people, I always like the bike world a little more than the real world. It’s like living in a bike microcosm, or, bikrocosm.