Spring Mt.

Horse flies? More like elephant flies.

Doing trail work at Launch is hard enough. 90° heat. Humidity. Lugging buckets of dirt down steep slopes of marbley rocks.

And then there are these giant, viagra buy look carnivorous, cialis generic patient Oakley-sponsored horse flies.

Yet the trail crew come back for more every week to play in the dirt, site offend each other, and get paid in pizza and beer.

HATE these things.

Spring Mt.

Some blurry but cool photos from Spring Mount…

4.64 epic miles

Proof that we rode 4.64 miles – I’m not just exaggerating

Sometimes it’s quality, cialis usa stuff not quantity, that can make a ride great. My “BMX friends,” Warren and Chad, are always fun to ride with. Even if we don’t do an all-day 30 mile ride, we still have tons of fun – without the post-ride cramping.

Here are some highlights:

  • As we started toward the trails on Spring Mountain a red tail hawk was taking off with a rat in its talons.
  • Chad was kind enough to be the boulder-jumpin’ guinea pig as he showed us some new trails and stuff to jump off of.
  • Chad was also kind enough to bring a bag of carrots on the ride. Not for us, but for Avie (Avalanche), the goat that lives at the top of Spring Mt.
  • I bailed after a rock drop and sent one of my shoes floundering into the woods.
  • There’s a decent jump-to-flat at the bottom of the mountain to play on. We battled each other going for the longest distance.
  • Even at almost 43 years-old I’m still innovating jump variations. I pulled a perfect one-shoe-er when my foot pulled out of my shoe which was still clipped into my Crank Brothers Mallet C pedal. Extreme.
  • Warren went for a big boost over my bike seat and rode a killer nose wheelie to g-turn. His bike should be out of the shop soon.
  • Props to Noah and the guys who have been maintaining trails at Spring Mt. Good stuff.