Launch Bike Park

Horse flies? More like elephant flies.

Doing trail work at Launch is hard enough. 90° heat. Humidity. Lugging buckets of dirt down steep slopes of marbley rocks.

And then there are these giant, viagra buy look carnivorous, cialis generic patient Oakley-sponsored horse flies.

Yet the trail crew come back for more every week to play in the dirt, site offend each other, and get paid in pizza and beer.

HATE these things.


Exit Drop at Launch

I can finally cross the Exit Drop off of my huckit list. It was exactly what I expected… nothing.

The 8′ tall ladder with about 10′ of gap has been bugging me (along with everyone I ride with) to do it since it was constructed months ago.

Just like everyone said: “It’s nothing”. The back-wheel landing was nice and cushy. I slightly cased the second time but not enough to get that near-death experience.