Eburg 3/2014

Lots of limbs obstructed the trails high and low.

Lots of limbs obstructed the trails high and low.

For the first time in weeks there was more trail than snow. I spent more time clearing limbs and downed trees then riding but the weather and trail conditions were finally awesome.

I also had a chance to try the GoPro Hero 3. The WiFi enabled “Locate Camera” feature came in very handy for finding the camera after it fell out of my pocket.

Epstein would’ve been stoked

Product Review: SweatHawg Helmet Liner

Conclusion... It works. Buy it.
SweatHawg Helmet Liner

SweatHawg Helmet Liner

I first read about SweatHawg on BikeRumor. Their review has a lot of in-depth information about the helmet liner. SweatHawg’s website also has a lot of great info but the one thing I couldn’t find was if it worked with full-face helmets.

So I bought one. It arrived just in time for a hot and humid day when I was working as a guide at Launch. My typical work attire includes Vans hi-tops, sildenafil pilule shin / knee guards, hospital chest / spine protection, site forearm / elbow / shoulder guards, gloves, water bladder bag, and full face helmet. In other words, full body armor + 90° heat = sweat. 

The SweatHawg did take a little bit of tweaking to get it to sit in the helmet at first. Once it was in place I used the helmet straps to spread the helmet a bit and eased the lined helmet on. Another option is to bend over and bring your head to the helmet opposed to bringing the helmet to your head.

The SweatHawg needed to be adjusted a little when the trails got techier. At first the SweatHawg might shift when the bike and rider are being jostled. I would just tuck it up into the helmet a little more without stopping. This was my first ride with a new Bell Sanction helmet with a GoPro camera so I needed to make occasional adjustments to get it dialed.

Once I had the helmet adjusted and the SweatHawg liner where I wanted, it stayed in place. I did not have the salty eyeballs that I would normally get without the liner. I could tell the SweatHawg was really working when, after a few runs, I took my helmet off and the sweat just started flowing down my face. Like I said, it was hot out and being covered in black plastic didn’t help.

Here is a quick breakdown of what I liked and didn’t like about the SweatHawg Helmet Liner:

Pros Cons
  • It works
  • The price is right
  • Easy to install
  • The liner may shift a bit at first, but it seems to stay put once it’s settled
  • The Velcro version might work better with full face helmets

See the SweatHawg at work in the action-packed, dubstep-free video below.

Horse flies? More like elephant flies.

Doing trail work at Launch is hard enough. 90° heat. Humidity. Lugging buckets of dirt down steep slopes of marbley rocks.

And then there are these giant, viagra buy look carnivorous, cialis generic patient Oakley-sponsored horse flies.

Yet the trail crew come back for more every week to play in the dirt, site offend each other, and get paid in pizza and beer.

HATE these things.

Diablo 2011

I got a little bit of footage from our Diablo trip.

I didn’t get any video of the Hulavom 3 festival at the camp site, discount viagra viagra sale but their Facebook page should give you an idea of the scene there.

Unfortunately, generic viagra viagra Chad had a bad bail early in the day and smashed the back of his calf on a tree. Then he had another unfortunate dismount where he did a fireman’s-pole style slide down a tree. But the surly dude managed to hit some big drops that he hadn’t done on past trips.

Shawn was putting his new TR TwoFitty through its paces. He took advantage of the adjustable BB height, wheelbase and travel so it was all hooked up for downhillin’.